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4130 Tube

We have now expanded our stock range of 4130 Chrome Moly tube to cater for the Drag racing industry and other race series where the 4130 tube grade is specified.

The high quality 4130 tube has been manufactured in the USA and lengths are currently stocked at 18-24ft long.

We can offer a next day delivery service to all UK addresses


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4130 Steel


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Roll Cage tube Supplier

ProFormance Metals are considered worldwide to be a number one supplier of Roll cage tube and other specialist metals and plastics used in the Motorsport, Automotive, Defence and Niche vehicle sectors.

We manufacture, stock and supply various grades of roll cage tube and even have created our own grade of material that is FIA and MSA approved called ROPT510 (Roll Over Protection Tube: 510 Nmm2 min tensile, 370 N/mm2 min Yield)

With no minimum order charge and our minimum quantity of supply being 1 length of tube, we can cater for small roll cage adjustments, project builds to full works team preparation.


We pride ourselves on providing high quality materials only produced from approved manufacturing sources, all of which are fully traceable and supplied with certificates upon request.


The advantages of a bespoke roll cage :
  • The Roll Cage is manufactured to fit your car, with no modifications from an off the shelf product.
  • The grade of roll cage tube used is controlled via our certification and quality approvals on the distribution of steels.
  • Certification will be in your name and therefore can be traced alongside other vehicle records
  • Continuity of materials are controlled in terms of tensile strengths and elongation (formability). We have manufacturing facilities producing tubes against our specification (ROPT510) – This is of particular importance to roll cage installers and tube manipulators to ensure the same level of quality of roll cage is produced each time.
  • Purchasing direct from us as a stockholder will ensure you are paying the best price for the tubing used.
  • Tubes supplied will be guaranteed to exceed MSA and FIA regulations
    Our network of cage fitters and fabricators can help you with either a local installation or the best in the business for your needs.

Roll Cage tube spaceframe



We are also able to supply finished parts varying from single hoops to full homologated cage structures.

Roll Cage

A roll cage is a specially engineered and constructed frame built in or around the passenger compartment of a vehicle to protect its occupants from being injured in an accident, particularly in the event of a roll-over.

There are many different roll cage designs depending on the application, hence different racing organisations have differing specifications and regulations.

Another benefit of a roll cage is that it will also help to stiffen the chassis, which is desirable in racing applications.

The ProFormance Metals stock range caters for MSA National, SFI and FIA International cage manufacture.


Roll Bar

A roll bar is a single bar behind the driver that provides moderate roll over protection. Due to the lack of a protective top, some modern convertibles utilise a strong windscreen frame acting as a roll bar. Also, a roll hoop may be placed behind both headrests (usually one on older cars), which is essentially a roll bar spanning the width of a passenger’s shoulders.

Roll Over Protection Structure

ROPS refers to operator compartment structures (usually cabs or frames) intended to protect equipment operators and motorists from injuries caused by vehicle overturns or rollovers.

Aluminium Flat Sided Oval

We received an enquiry from an automotive company based in the USA looking for the supply of a flat sided oval in aluminium. The flat sided oval shape is predominately  found in ERW seamed steel material and would have weight implications for this particular component.

Working closely with designers, we were able to select a size from the tooling range available and enabled the forming of an aluminium round tube already held in stock and produce a flat sided oval on a very short lead time.

The custom production of a small batch produced a weight saving benefit of 0.68kgs per metre (compared to nearest available steel dimensions) and enabled prototype work to commence.



We are currently awaiting the results of prototyping and hope to update at a later date with results.


For further information on small quantity re profiling please click below:



Leathergrain Plastic sheet

The latest addition to the line of our plastic products is a leathergrain effect high impact polystyrene (HIPS)





Standard sheet sizes are:

  •  1372mm x 660mm
  • 1.5 or 2mmthk

The HIPS properties allow for great formability, strength and ease of cutting / punching.

Leathergrain plastic sheet


Examples of the many applications in which leathergrain HIPS can be used are:

  • replacement lightweight door cards
  • interior trim parts
  • work / table top surfaces
  • decorative design


Leathergrain plastic


We are also able to supply HIPS in a variety of finishes such as

  • Gloss / matt colour
  • Mirror Gold
  • Mirror Silver
  • Silver metallic
  • Pinseal


For further information, please view our plastics section HERE


Aluminium flat sided oval

We have aluminium flat sided oval in stock reduced to clear.

Dimensions  :  1.51″ x 0.51″ x 0.065″ (38.35mm x 12.95mm x 1.6mm thick)
Length : 1.28mtr
Grade : 6063-T6 aluminium
Price :  £45 per length + Vat.

Shipping can be offered worldwide at cost.


Aluminium flat sided oval

This has been re profiled from round tube and is ideal for use where aesthetics may play a part in a final product design, or applications where clearance is an issue but still retain the same inside diameter volume.

  • wing stays
  • workshop equipment
  • pit equipment
  • chassis construction
  • decorative design.
  • hobby / enthusiast projects

Aluminium flat sided oval


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We can also produce streamline as well as true oval in aluminium should you require a specific size alongside all grades of steel and titanium.

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ROPT510 Aerofoil & Streamline tube

We have just completed a re rolling requirement for a customer that has been commissioned to produce scale models of various race cars and other Motorsport related vehicles.



The end use was for a static display vehicle and material strength did not have to be a major factor, but to re profile to a  finished Streamline / Aerofoil, a cold drawn seamless had to be used.

ROPT510 Roll over protection tube Streamline teardrop for wishbones


The decision was made to use our ROPT510 round tube and re roll into the streamline tube shape as set by our customers’ drawings.

The benefits of using the ROPT510 in this application were to minimise costs, but maintain a quality finish of the streamline due to the high forming properties the ROPT510 possesses.


ROPT510 Roll over protection tube Streamline teardrop for wishbones


For further information on our Streamline tube / Aerofoil and Oval tube profiles please click HERE
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15CDV6 1.7734 Tube stock range expansion

Due to ever increasing demand of 15CDV6 1.7734 tube in the UK Motorsport and Defence sector, we have introduced new sizes within our stock range held at our Daventry HQ.

Alongside our sheet and bar material, further stocks are available at our distribution warehouses in mainland Europe where the demand is currently higher and delivery can be made at more cost effective and efficient processes.

Our manufacturing facilities can also produce new sizes to either commercial or aerospace standards on small quantity orders.


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BS4T45 Tube size range expansion

Due to the increasing demand of this high strength material, we have once again increased our size range of BS4T45 tube.

Produced to the full specification from our approved manufacturing facility (BS4T45 to BS5T100 & BS6S100 condition) the tubes are manufactured and heavily tested under controlled conditions to ensure each tube is produced to the highest quality each time.

Our size list can now be found below, or for further information on BS4T45 tubes and it’s usage then click here


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Bs4 T45 Steel tube. Available from stock and new manufacture.

Bs4 T45 Steel tube. Available from stock and new manufacture.



BS4 T45 Steel tube size range expansion.

We have increased our stock size range in BS4 T45 to BS5T100 / BS6S100 tube all held in our Daventry UK facility. This material is commonly used for Roll cages, Space frames, Suspension components as well as Aerospace and military structures. For further information please contact on : +44 (0) 1327 311660 or

T45 further information

Stock sizes are coloured.

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