Commercial Materials

Commercial application Tube

Material Type Grade
Aerospace Grade Carbon Manganese BS4T45 to BS5T100 in accordance with BS6S100 conditions
Aluminium 6063(HE9), 6082(HE30)
Chrome-Moly Steel 25crmo4, 4130
Chrome Vanadium 15cdv6 (GT1000, 1.7734)
Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon ROPT510, E235+N(cfs360nbk), E235+C (cfs3bk)
Copper All grades supplied
ERW All grades supplied
Stainless Steel 304, 316

Commercial application Sheet

Material Type Grade
Carbon Steel BS 2S515 (BS 2S514 softened condition) to 2S500 Conditons
Mild Steel CR1, CR4, EN8, 50D,
Stainless Steel 304, 316, 321
Chrome-Moly Steel 4130
Aluminium 5251(NS4), 6082(HE30), 2014(HE15), 5083, 7075
Copper All grades supplied
Brass All grades supplied
Titanium All grades supplied
Plastics All grades supplied
Polyethylene Foam Sheet for occupant protection and roll cage padding.

Commercial application Bar

Material Type Grade
Aluminium 6082(HE30), 2014(HE15), 5083, 7075
Brass CZ121
Copper All grades supplied
Phosphur Bronze PB1, PB102
Titanium All grades supplied
Mild Steel EN1A, EN3B, EN8, EN14 to 150M19, EN16, EN19, EN24, EN32, EN36, EN40
Stainless Steel 303, 304, 316, 321
Chrome/Moly Steel 4130
Cast Iron All grades supplied
Chrome Vanadium 15CDV6 / 1.7734
Engineering plastics All grades supplied including Nylon 6, 66, Acetal, etc.
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