CDS Tube – Cold Drawn Seamless


CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) relates to the manufacturing process and not a specific type /grade of metal.
There are many types of CDS tube available, some with high elongation which will allow for bending, forming and manipulation but will contain little strength.

On the other end of the CDS tube spectrum are grades that are higher in tensile, but as a result of which contain little elongation which will not form, bend or manipulate into a chassis, roll cage or suspension components.

For example, we stock tubes that fall under the CDS banner that have a tensile that start at 340N/mm2 and others that start at 980 N/mm2

Our CDS Product range includes:



Often we see Rollcages, Chassis, Suspension components all advertised to be manufactured from CDS tube.

When buying raw material it is vital that the actual Grade is established before purchasing as you may find yourself with material unsuitable for it’s intended application.


Please click our Roll cage tube page for further information, or to find out more about which grade of CDS is suitable for your application please contact us

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