Streamline and Oval Tubing

One of the services we can offer is the supply of streamline and oval tubing that has been re-profiled from a round tube.

The rolling process opens up the options to use various different metal grades that may usually be found as a round tube only. The flexible tooling enables small batch production, fabrication repairs and prototyping without the extra costs.

Length & Quantity

The minimum quantity for a re-profiling is just 1 length of round tube.

The profiling machines can produce from 1mtr up to 5.8mtr lengths, depending on size selection, material grade and thickness.

We will advise on the maximum length when quoting.

Volume production

For greater quantity production we are able to manufacture the profiles as a cold drawn direct at our Mill source. This reduces costs further and also enables a higher level of quality control in terms of each individual lengths properties when produced.

Material grades

Materials available for re-rolling and cold drawing are commonly:

BS4 T45 to BS5T100 / BS6S100

4130 Chromoly


ROPT510 (MSA & FIA approved: Designed by Proformance metals )

E235+N (cold drawn seamless)


Stainless steel


Size Lists:

 Aerofoil / Streamline
Streamline / aerofoil section size list

Click to view size list

Click here to view cold drawn 4130 streamline size list

Oval section tube size list

Click to view size list

 Large Oval (ERW and Stainless Steel only)

Streamline / aerofoil section size list

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