Formula Student

formula student sponsors

Working alongside the future of Motorsport and engineering.

Formula Student is a student engineering competition held annually within the UK and Worldwide. Teams from Universities and other educational facilities from across the globe design, build, test and race their smaller scale open wheel racing car.
We offer sponsorship to each team that we work with by way of discounted prices for all metals and plastics supplied for the design, testing and construction of the Formula Student project and our specialist tube grades are ideal for chassis, roll hoop, wishbone and other components.
    Significant savings on all materials enable teams to explore exotic materials used in the high levels of Motorsport with the benefits of not needing a budget of a fully established high-end race team. Our material knowledge is also available to each team to enable a better understanding of materials and their advantages and disadvantages.
   The partnerships we have with our worldwide teams have seen an improvement in their chassis construction, build qualities, reliability and most of all climb up the final standings table!
   In return for the sponsorship, we ask for recognition as a working partner within the team. Usually, this recognition is by way of Logo presentation on team wear, banners and the vehicle itself.
To find out how we can support your University and associated teams, please get in touch  
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