ProFormance Metals Sponsored Driver : Blake Angliss

April 1st & 2nd 2017

Another great weekend saw Blakes winter practice pay dividends and produce his best weekend performance so far.

Blake entered both the Mini X30 (combined with the LGM series) and Junior X30 in round 1 of the TVKC summer championship.

Mini X30 – Combined with LGM (Little Green Man) Tour

Heat 1 – Started 6th on the grid and finished 5th with the race being cut short with a Red Flag

Heat 2 – Started 19th on the grid and finished 8th – Having lacked pace in heat 1, a change of a faulty carburettor appeared to have solved the problems.

Heat 3 – Started 18th on the grid and finished 24th – due to a 10 second bumper penalty caused when a kart in front spun causing both karts off the track and having to re-join at the back.

Final – Started 14th on the grid and finished 7th – New front bumper and on the pace and with some great driving and skilful overtaking and just 0.5 second off a 4th place finish.

Secured :  1st Place Rookie

Junior X30

Heat 1 – Started 4th on the grid and finished 1st – securing his first heat win.

Heat 2 – Started 21st on the grid and finished 9th – great driving throughout the heat

Heat 3 – Started 26th on the grid and finished 21st – crossed the line in 17th but due to a 10 second bumper penalty which dropped him 4 places.

Final –  Started 7th on the grid and finished 4th – Just 1.7 seconds off 1st place and 1.6 seconds clear of 5th place.

Secured : 1st Place Rookie


Although the two classes entered were back to back in all the practices, heats and finals, Blake managed to muster enough strength from somewhere for a yet another  push in the both finals, not only to get high placed finishes but to win the 1st Rookie in both classes – A great effort all round.

It appears to be a promising season ahead, and we look forward to many more successful results from Blake and the team

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